PHOTO OF THE DAY~08-14-2012


PHOTO OF THE DAY~05-21-2012

Waterlily (Nymphaeaceae)
Water lily a word used to describe some aquatic plants with lilypads. This water lily was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardensn here in Atlanta, Georgia.
There are several species of water lilies in the two ponds there. One is round and the other rectangular shaped.. While visiting the gardens one Saturday afternoon, a little girl of about 4 or 5 kept reaching for the the lilies. Her father or what appeared to be her father kept warning her to stop trying to pick the flowers. As we all know children don’t always listen. I wasn’t paying much attention to the little girl, her father and other siblings that were there that day as I went about my business of snapping photos of frogs and several species of water lilies. until I heard a splash and  man’s voice said “I told you to stop reaching in the pond”.  Before I could even turned around I already knew what had happened. I turned in time to see the father quickly grab his daughter from the pond soak and wet. I almost felt bad for her for a second or two but the father was laughing so hard that I had to laugh myself.  Her brothers and sisters laughed at her too. Funny though, she was the only one not laughing.