PHOTO OF THE DAY~08-19-2012


PHOTO OF THE DAY~03-25-2012

A beautiful.creamy white Cymbidium Orchid from the many orchids at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta, Georgia. The petals of this orchid have a waxy texture and grow in winter. They are one of the most popular orchids  in flower arrangement and corsages.  One feature that makes the plant so popular is the fact that it can survive during cold temperatures  as low as 45˚ F, one other is they are a beautiful species of orchid.

Photo of the Day ~03-20-2012

Beautiful yellow orchids on a dark background. I believe these to be a type of Oncidium  orchid., not sure. The name or lack of name doesn’t detract from its beauty. Most people consider orchids to be exotic and I am no different. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia is home of some of the most beautiful orchids I have ever seen. If you are ever in the area it is difinitely worth a visit any time of year.