PHOTO OF THE DAY~09-17-2012


PHOTO OF THE DAY~08-17-2012

For my friend Terry…
Today is his birthday and I hope it was a good one.. I asked how old he was today and his answer was “I don’t know, I think 52 or 53 maybe”. I laughed but I find it strange when people actually don’t know their age. I thought that, that was an answer that the elderly used when they have gotten so far in their life and really can’t remember. Maybe women are the ones who actually keep up with that kind of thing and will often times not reveal it to you or even take off a few years…
No matter what his age and no matter if he remembers or not, Terry will always be himself and will always be a special part of me, rather he knows it or not. He will always be unique and he will always be my friend… and yes Terry, you remind me of this photo, Strange but oh so beautiful.
Happy Birthday!